Green IT Services & Solutions

Green IT Services & Solutions

Helping your business with its “Green policy”.

At HJS Technology, we believe that any business, whatever its size, can make positive steps towards becoming more environmentally friendly.

A reduction in carbon footprint has been on the agenda of large organisations for a number of years, but even smaller companies can implement changes which not only help the environment but potentially save money too.


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Areas for consideration to reduce your operating costs and go greener in the workplace include:

  • Your building – is it well-insulated and double-glazed? Does it have charging points for electric vehicles?
  • Your energy supplier – do they provide 100% renewable energy?
  • Lighting – use natural light where possible, and low energy lights. Use automatic sensors so that lights are only on in areas where people are present.
  • Ventilation – is it energy-efficient? Does it automatically power down when not required? Is there an alternative to air-conditioning, which would be suitable?
  • Products – from cleaning products to printer paper, look for labelling that indicates eco-friendly / recyclable products.
  • Recycle – as much of your waste as possible. The list of products that can be recycled increases regularly. Review what you are currently not recycling and look at recycling these.
  • Donate – un-needed items to charity.
  • Electronic items – look at the energy ratings of new appliances before purchasing, such as kitchen appliances when these need replacing.
  • Hot taps – consider using these for boiled drinking water, rather than kettles.
  • Journeys – how necessary are they? Is it appropriate for some home-working / hybrid working to feature? Is public transport a viable option? Can client meetings take place via video calls?
  • Your technology – is it as energy-efficient as it can be? Is recycling used wherever possible? Is it being used to keep paper to a minimum?

Your technology – Top Tips to make your business greener. Introduce effective green IT initiatives and solutions in the workplace.

  1. Cloud services (IT and telephone systems) are more energy-efficient than on-premise alternatives, as resources are shared. Consider replacing your existing backup hardware with cost effective, energy efficient cloud-based data storage and archiving solutions.
  2. Hold virtual meetings with Microsoft Teams or other video conferencing options.
  3. If replacing a PC, consider a laptop, which will use less power.
  4. Use energy-efficient switches / routers to regulate power.
  5. Ensure that devices (servers, computers, screens, printers, switches) are configured to power off at appropriate times and make this company policy, so that it can’t be overridden.
  6. Recycle old hardware – get the hard drives destroyed and pass the items on to charity where feasible. If a device cannot be passed on, ensure that it is disposed of in accordance with WEEE recycling policies (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment recycling).
  7. Printing – use scanning and electronic filing where possible, and if paper does need to be printed, use double-sided pages.
  8. Remember that newer printers are more eco-friendly than older ones.
  9. Use print software that only produces documents when the user is present at the machine, leading to the machine being powered-up less often, if users collect several items at a time.
  10. Consider whether you really need that wireless keyboard and mouse. Battery disposal can contribute to air and water pollution. If batteries are needed, use re-chargeable ones.
At HJS Technology we can help you identify opportunities for improving your carbon footprint and streamlining IT solutions through the introduction of eco-friendly technologies.
If you require our assistance with making your technology more eco-friendly, please give us a call or enter your contact details HERE.

It’s not just advice and actions that we at HJS Technology provide for our customers, suppliers, and partners. We don’t underestimate the importance of playing our part in protecting the environment.

At HJS Technology we have introduced several ‘best practice’ processes to the workplace for ourselves and our customers to help reduce operational costs and conserve energy use.

Our environmental policy also includes:

  • Recycling. All packaging is disposed of through a recycling system. Any unwanted hardware is also recycled.
    Minimising waste. Obsolete computer and telephone equipment is donated to a local charitable organisation which repairs old machines and redistributes them to under-privileged members of the community.
  • Energy saving. Our office is fitted with low energy lighting and automatic sensors which ensure that lights are not left on longer than necessary. Equipment is set to timed auto shut down wherever possible and power switched off when equipment is not in use.
  • Electricity supplier. The HJS Technology office uses electricity that is 100% renewable which means that all energy use is sourced from renewable energy sources.
  • Green travel. We encourage all our staff to consider the efficiency of travel and to combine journeys to customers in similar geographic locations. Public transport for commuting and site visits is also used wherever possible and appropriate. We widely use remote communication facilities (for example holding meetings via video meeting) to avoid unnecessary travel. Many of our customers are now using these facilities too.
  • Transportation. We arrange for stock to be delivered straight to customers’ premises, to avoid the need for two journeys.
  • Stock suppliers. We use eco-friendly suppliers when sourcing items for our customers. HJS ensure that competitive prices and high-quality products are purchased.
  • Green stationery & office supplies. We keep our stationery requirements to a minimum, by continually striving to reduce paper and other stationery items used. What we do buy comes from local eco-friendly stationery suppliers.
  • Encouraging, advising, and facilitating others with green IT and workplace policies. We want to encourage our customers to operate an environmentally friendly policy within their own businesses. We can provide cloud-based solutions which reduce the need for conventional servers. Virtualising just 20 servers saves the equivalent in server and cooling energy as taking around 20 cars off the road or planting around 300 trees!

We can help reduce your operating costs and go greener in the workplace. Contact us today to explore green solutions for your business.