Remote IT Working

Remote IT Working

Do you need help making sure that your staff working from home are connected securely and that your systems are always working efficiently? From an award winning, ISO27001 certification company that provide unlimited remote IT support services and on-site IT services if required? Remote working IT solutions and IT support - specialist WFH IT services provided by HJS Technology.


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Remote Working IT Support

When working remotely, it is not solely the security, speed and efficiency of your IT equipment that must be considered. You need to ensure that your employees can always access critical IT systems and documents remotely whilst protecting them from cyber-crime.

WFH – Work From Home IT Solutions

When working from home, your staff must reflect practices that they would adopt and have access to in the workplace. It is most likely that your employees will require enhanced levels of security at home to protect your company against confidential data being compromised or your networks being targeted.

The Importance Of Security

There are many common cyber threats that your home working staff could fall victim of. These include phishing emails, asking for security information and personal details are amongst the extensive list! They may be more vulnerable to in a different or more relaxed environment – malware, trojans and ransomware are also including on the list of ever-evolving threats.

Recent Changes To The Way And Where We Work

Due to the 2020/21 COVID Pandemic there has been a huge increase in working from home (WFH) and it is most likely that as a result more people will use WFH as more permanent option. Even if it’s not a full time option.

Full WFH IT Support Provided

As part of our Managed Services Agreement, we provide complete IT support for both PC and Mac users whether working in an office or remote from their office. Our services include continuous Productivity and Security Monitoring for businesses owners to help manage productivity of remote workers.

Seamless Telephony

When staff are working from home, seamless telephony is also of paramount importance. Your valued customers and new business enquiries need to be able to contact your business in the usual way and calls need to be answered quickly and efficiently. It is also important that if your business records calls that this continues for remote workers too.

VoIP Solutions

HJS Technology telephone systems offer maximum flexibility, including specific arrangements for out of hours calls, and the ability for calls to your office number to be picked up on a remote device. Using our hosted VoIP solutions, we can provide integration into your CRM software and deliver customised information to your Windows Desktop about the incoming call, as well has help you by providing click to dial from your screen.

We can offer WFH IT support for your team, delivering exemplary remote IT support to keep your business always running efficiently and securely.

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